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Are you sick and tired of moving all of your meshes to 0,0,0 in order to export them to another engine correctly??? Ever been overwhelmed by Blender's default export menu?? Well no more!! Inspired by Autodesk MAYA's game exporter, I decided to take it upon myself to learn Blender's Python API and create my own version of it! Export meshes from anywhere in your scene, in any collection. All you'd need to do is select the meshes you wanna export, configure settings and set your export directory (or use your .blend file location with a simple button click), and click Export!  

Settings are configured to UE4 by default, but should theoretically work fine with other Z up engines as well. You should also be able to easily modify the commented code to suit your needs.

I've been using Python for years in MAYA, so I feel like I was able to make this tool as stable as it deserves. However, that isn't that much, so good luck! I've been using it for a week or so and it's working just fine for me though!

** This tool has not been tested with animated meshes, bones, skin weights or vertex data! 

** Most of the exporter options are kept default to whichever file type you select (.obj or .fbx), so keep this in mind. If you want to modify the script, please do! I've left comments in the code to signify areas that people might want to add/change. 


1. Download the .py file

2. Open Blender and install it as an addon, make sure it's enabled

3. Look under 'Misc' in your sidebar, if it isn't there, idk what do

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Move To Origin
Moves exported objects to 0,0,0 on export, then back to their original position
Clear Rotation
Clears rotation values for export
Apply Modifiers
Export and apply Modifiers (True by default)
File Type
Choice between FBX and OBJ file types
Export Path
Quickly choose your export directory, or easily get your .blend location
Export Scale
Adjust the scale of your assets on export
Suffix and Prefix
Add to your file names with ease
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Al's Easy Batch Export - Blender > Game Engine

0 ratings
I want this!